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5 Best Park Photo Locations
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There are so many great locations to take photos in the park, it's hard to narrow it down to five. These are our personal favorites with a photo of each in the column to the right!

1. The Train Station- Magic Kingdom

Located at the entrance to Magic Kingdom. "Let The Memories Begin!"  The iconic phrase is on a big sign with colorful flowers in front of it and the train station above it. A wide angle lens or the 18-200mm lens works well here. You can capture beautiful shots standing to the right or left of the sign. 

2.  The Partners Statue- Magic Kingdom
Located in the central hub, past Main Street in front of Cinderella's Castle is a bronze statue of Walt and Mickey. Use a wide angle lens and get the castle in the background. It's a busy spot so you may have to get this shot when the park first opens or when it closes. If you linger after the park closes, you can get some great shots without people in them!  That's magical!

3.  Cinderella's Castle from the Liberty Square Bridge- Magic Kingdom
Standing in the central hub facing the castle, turn left to go over the bridge to Liberty Square. Shoot the castle from the end of the bridge. The winding water leading to the castle and the blue sky (hopefully) makes a beautiful, serene photograph in the daytime. This is an especially beautiful shot at sunset. At night, the lighted castle casts a beautiful reflection on the water for a stunning photo from that same spot.

4.  The Fireworks over Cinderella's Castle- Magic Kingdom
No Magic Kingdom vacation photo album would be complete without the awesome fireworks over Cinderella's Castle. I think one of the best spots is just past the Ice Cream Parlor on Main Street. It's far enough back to get the high in the sky fireworks but still keep the castle large enough to see details. Most fireworks shots are ruined because of camera shake. If you really want great shots, we highly recommend a tripod.

5.  The Shinto Shrine Gate in Japan's Pavilion- Magic Kingdom
While you're waiting for IllumiNations to begin, if you're blessed with a beautiful Florida sunset, you can capture a stunning photo in Japan's Pavilion.  Shoot across the lake toward Spaceship Earth aka the "Epcot Ball" standing in front of the Shinto Shrine Gate located in the lake. You can center the Epcot Ball in the gate or mover slightly to the left or right of the gate to compose your shot. On a beautiful sunset evening, you can capture stunningly beautiful photos here. The 10-22mm wide angle lens is great to use for this shot.

5 Starting Tips

1. Charge your battery every night.

2. Buy an extra memory card and keep it in your camera bag. 

3. Get inspired by visiting the "Five Best Websites for Ideas"

4. Make ONE THING the focus of your photo.

5. Don't point the camera directly into the sun.

3 Mistakes

1. Not having a fully charged camera battery.

2. Not having an extra memory card.

3. Leaving your memory card in our camera when you return the camera.

3 Best Websites For Inspiration

Great photos,tips and information...

1. Disney Photography Blog

2. The Magic In Pixels    

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