Frequently Asked Questions

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How does it work?
It's Easy! 
1)    Choose the equipment you want to rent,  click on the green “Rent Now” button and follow the steps to check out.
2)    We deliver the equipment to you at your scheduled delivery time.
3)    Go Have Fun !
4)    We pick up the equipment from you at your scheduled pick up time.

Do you charge a delivery fee?
No, delivery is free to Disney resorts and Disney area hotels, resorts and residences.

What if I need to cancel my rental order?
If you cancel your order 7 days prior to delivery, then we will not charge a cancellation fee.  However, if you cancel within the 7 day window, we will charge a $50 cancellation fee.

Can I extend my rental period?
Maybe. If the equipment is not reserved for someone else, yes.  The extension however is treated as a new order, so it is better to rent the equipment for the maximum amount of time you may need it.  The longer period of time you rent it, the less expensive it is per day.

What if I am late for the equipment delivery?
We have a half hour window from the time we are scheduled to meet you to deliver your equipment.  If you are not there within that half hour window, we must leave. We will make every effort to reschedule your delivery on the same day, but we cannot guarantee it.  We understand, planes are delayed and things happen out of your control. Please call us as soon as you know you need to reschedule so we can get your equipment to you as quickly as possible.

What if I am late for the equipment return pick up?
We have a half hour window from the time we are scheduled to meet you before we must leave. For your own convenience, please make every effort to be at the pick up location on time. We will reschedule a pickup as quickly as possible.  Please don’t schedule your equipment return too closely to your departure time if you are leaving the same day.  Allow enough time for the pickup to be rescheduled should you miss your original pick up time.
We charge $20 for the rescheduled pickup if you miss your original scheduled return pickup time.

Is there a late fee if I don’t return the equipment on time?
Yes.  A late fee of 25% of the rental fee will be charged for each day that the equipment is late, beginning with the first day the equipment is overdue.

What if the equipment gets damaged during my rental?
You are responsible for any damage to the equipment that occurs during your rental. You can limit your liability to a small deductible if you purchase the Damage Waiver option described below. If you don’t purchase the Damage Waiver, you are liable for the cost of repairs, or the MSRP Replacement Cost if the equipment cannot be repaired.

We strongly encourage you to add the Damage Waiver. Accidents do happen and the small cost of the Damage Waiver is worth not having to pay for the full repair or replacement of the equipment if you should damage the equipment.

What is the Damage Waiver?
For a small charge, you can elect to purchase the Damage Waiver on most any of the equipment that you rent from us.  If our equipment is damaged by a “Covered Loss” during your rental, your liability is limited to a small deductible. The deductible for the Fun, Adventure or Enthusiast Package is $200.00.  The deductible for all other cameras, lenses and accessories is 15% of the Replacement Cost based on the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price.

What do you consider negligent damage?
Loss of or damage to the camera, lens, tripod or flash from abuse, mishandling, accident, physical impact, dents, breakage, water, sand, or significant scratches is considered negligent damage. Any major scratches or scuff marks on the lens glass is negligent damage. We do put a Canon or Nikon UV Filter on every lens to protect the lens glass.  If you scratch the UV filter, we will not consider that damage so we strongly recommend that you leave the protective UV lens filter in place to protect the lens glass.  


What isn’t covered by the Damage Waiver?

What if something goes wrong with the equipment while I’m using it?
Call us at 1-855-KCR-8555.  It’s very unusual, but cameras do malfunction from time to time. If the equipment malfunctions, we will meet you at the theme park or resort as quickly as possible and bring a replacement item.  We have access to all of the parks, and will meet you inside the park at a place convenient to you. We realize that your vacation time is valuable to you, and we will make every effort to get you back on track as quickly as possible.

When do you charge my credit card?
We charge your card at the time you place your rental order.  We have a broad cancellation policy to protect you in the event that your plans change, offering a full refund if you cancel within 7 days of your rental.

I’m renting a Canon 7D – what if I leave my images on the rented memory card?
For your privacy, we erase the memory card as soon as it returns to the shop. CALL US AS SOON AS YOU REALIZE THE PROBLEM. If you call us prior to the erasure, we will make every effort to retrieve the card for you to purchase.  If you purchase it, we work with you to get it to you as quickly as possible as we realize how important it is to you.  We read about people who have lost their cameras on vacation along with all their vacation photos- we can’t imagine how disappointing that would be.

Once again-----Great lenses and great company and people. Recommended!
Michael B. - NC
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